Hp Wide Pro 477dw Driver Full Review Printer 2022

Hp wide pro 477dw driver is the most popular printer driver in its time with the presence of this printer, it really helps work in offices and anywhere.

Workers really need good printing equipment such as the multifunction hp wide pro 477dw driver, very fast print speeds, and very satisfying results.

PageWides is another evolution in printing. The price makes it redundant for casual users, while the commercial applications of this technology suggest that it is ideal for professionals. For those in the middle, this is a new option to consider.

Hp page wide pro 477dw MFP

With the presence of the hp wide pro 477dw driver, this is arguably very new to show consumers to introduce specifications that are not inferior to other products, this printer is highly recommended for users who are very easy to use and have excellent results.

The HP page wide pro 477dw MFP driver can accommodate 140 sheets divided by 125 sheets of plain paper and 15 sheets of photo paper. This printer can print a maximum of 1,000 sheets per month.

According to HP’s claims, the HP wide pro 477dw page can be duplicated up to 50 times. This page-wide pro 477dw is capable of printing up to a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi when printing documents or black and white photos and 4,800 x 1,200 dpi for color images.

For paper sizes, the HP page wide pro 477dw can print on paper sizes A4, A5, B5, DL, C6, and A6.

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Hp Wide Pro 477dw Driver

Type: HP PCL 6 Printer Software

Version : Latest

Operation : Windows 10 -Windows 8 -Windows 7

Release date: Latest

Size : 9.9 MB Download

Visit the official HP printer driver website to download the version you want => Hp pagewide

The HP page width is a pro 477dw MFP width as an All-in-One (AiO) printer. This device has all the normal functions of a printer plus scanner, copier, and fax machine capabilities. The pagewide pro-477dw mfp cellphone deserves the AiO category because it is able to carry out all these functions well. With the convenience that we get, this printer must have extraordinary capabilities.

HP pagewide pro 477dw mfp installation

  1. Click the Download button.
  2. The software will automatically start downloading to your computer.
  3. With the Safari browser, downloaded files will be automatically saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder by default.
  4. You can check your download progress by looking at the download progress icon in the upper right corner of the Safari browser window.
  5. Double-click the HP file you just downloaded to launch the HP Installer for your product.
  6. Follow any on-screen instructions.

Hp wide pro 477dw printing review

Not inkjets. Not lasers. Introducing the HP PageWide business printer. Get the best combination of the total cost of ownership, print quality, and lowest speed.

HP PageWide Pro delivers the fastest speeds in its class at up to 40% lower color cost per page than color lasers.

Get professional-quality color and fast two-sided scanning, plus best-in-class security and energy efficiency features.

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses who want an affordable, professional-quality, and versatile document solution in a fast, high-performance MFP.

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This printer is intended to work only with cartridges that have a new or used HP chip and uses dynamic security measures to block cartridges from using non-HP chips. Periodic firmware updates will maintain the effectiveness of this action and block previously functioning cartridges.

The reused HP chip allows the use of reused, remanufactured, and refilled cartridges.

The results you expect and the long-lasting value of color costs per page are up to 40% lower than color lasers.

Professional-quality color prints on a variety of papers perfect for office use. Print more pages and replace cartridges less frequently, using Original HP PageWide high-yield cartridges.

Spend less time and budget on scheduled maintenance with efficient HP PageWide Technology.

The fastest MFP in its class Wait for less, do more with unrivaled speeds of up to 55 ppm, and the fastest first-page print in its class.

Get fast two-sided scans straight to email and the cloud with this LDAP-enabled MFP.
Manage tasks from the 4.3-inch (10.9 cm) touchscreen. Print Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint® files from USB.

Print from your mobile device with Wi-Fi Direct® and touch technology to print NFC no proven technology network required.

Minimize downtime with HP PageWide Technology which delivers reliable performance on demand by business. Save with HP PageWide Technology is designed to use less energy than any MFP in its class.

Download the printer driver from the HP product support page

Another option for downloading the printer driver for your PageWide device is to visit the product support page for your specific PageWide Pro printer model.

The product support page lists all currently available printer drivers for your device, including the drivers referenced in the section above.

  • Follow these steps to open the product support page for your printer model and download the printer driver:
  • Go to support.hp.com, and scroll down to the text field where you can enter your printer model or printer serial number.
  • In the text field, type your printer model (such as “PageWide Pro 477”), then click Submit.
  • On the HP product support page, scroll to and click Software, Drivers, and Firmware.
  • A list of available drivers for the printer will be displayed.
  • Select a driver from the list, and then click Download.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download the driver and install it.

You save time using Tray 1 for envelopes and legal paper without having to work with full reams of letter paper in Tray 2. Large, expensive ink cartridges reduce the frequency and time you spend replacing them, adding to printer savings. When you calculate the cost per page, do the annual cost as well.

Very fast two-sided printing. Easy to use. Nice design. Well thought out details. It reproduces photos without wet ink in large numbers and represents and reproduces colors very well.

I’ve used various papers with it and I’m happy with its overall performance.